Getting you to play your best through precision fitting and personalized club build.

Getting to know Dan Weitzel

Dan Weitzel, owner and operator of Weitzel Golf, has been an avid participant as a player and an equipment junkie for over 50 years. Dan was a competitive golfer in his 30’s and 40’s and still plays (but not quite as well as the old days!). Dan started as a hobbyist back in the late 1970’s in club building as he transferred around the country with Gates Corporation and worked in some areas where club repair was not locally available. In 2002 he incorporated and began getting more serious about club and fitting technology. In 2011, he retired from Gates and began working full time as a builder and fitter.

Dan started (as many club people have) as a component club builder, using components from Golfsmith, Wishon and others. More commercially available brands like Adams and Tour Edge were added to his lines, and now today he represents major brands such as Callaway and Mizuno. Weitzel Golf has contracts with virtually every major shaft company as well, resulting in the best possible combinations of heads and shafts in the marketplace.

In addition to the growth from a brand perspective, Dan has also learned something new about the club industry on a near every day basis. He has developed his own approach to club building and fitting that offers his clients to the tightest tolerances and best opportunities to “try before you buy” in the industry. You will see and feel the difference when you visit Dan to talk about golf clubs.

Finally, Dan never wants to have an unhappy client. He goes out of his way to make sure you have many appropriate options to try, and if something changes during the process, he will change your clubs to adapt. It doesn’t matter if you are a plus handicap or a 90’s shooter – he will do everything possible to improve your game. You can tell from his dozens and dozens of glowing references he does really care, and it shows in the final product.


Dan is the only one I trust

When it comes to all things golf, Dan Weitzel is a true ambassador. From club fitting, club building, loft/lie checks, and even general club repair he consistently delivers in a timely manner without sacrificing quality. Dan takes the time to understand your specific needs and deliver a finished product that checks all the boxes. Having played in USGA events all over the United States, I know that trust in your equipment is key and that's why Dan is the only one I trust to work on my equipment, period!
Glenn Walls
Titleist Amateur Staff

I have a guy I can trust

Dan is a great club repairman and golf club fitter! It's great to know that I have a guy I can trust to work on my clubs.
Shane Bertsch
PGA Tour Champions Winner

building golf clubs to perfection

Dan has an obvious passion for building golf clubs to perfection. He has all the equipment necessary in his shop, making his work extraordinarily fast and accurate compared to other club builders. I have been using Dan for my club work and recommending him to others for years. His knowledge, service and dedication to quality work make him the best in Colorado.
Scott Huelskamp
Former Mini-Tour Player, Columbine CC

second to none

I am writing this letter of reference as I highly recommend Dan Weitzel. Dan's knowledge of club fitting and repair is absolutely second to none. I have used Dan for my personal clubs and always referred all my students to Dan and now I send my friends to him. What impresses me most about Dan is his attention to detail, his technical knowledge, and his friendly service. Dan simply cares.
Erik Billinger
2008 Colorado PGA Player of the Year, 2010 Colorado PGA Teacher of the Year

perfection will be the result

Dan is a true professional when it comes to golf club fitting and repair. As a scratch golfer, I don't trust just anyone to work on my golf clubs - but with Dan, I know that perfection will be the result. I highly recommend Weitzel Golf for any of your golf club needs.
Jae Edwards
Ravenna GC

100% recommend Weitzel Golf!

Dan has been helping my game for years. His expertise and workmanship are second to none. My daughter plays D1 collegiate golf and has worked with Dan from the beginning. 100% recommend Weitzel Golf!
Billy Post
Meridian GC

a true professional and perfectionist

I really appreciate how meticulous and detailed you are throughout each of my installs. You are a true professional and perfectionist. In the game of golf every step matters!
Tam Than


Hey Dan - choked down 8-iron on no. 15 at the Club at Pradera IN THE JAR. My first hole in one ever in 63 years of golf. Reported this to Callaway Golf on its web site giving you full credit for BOTH the irons and the ball! Talked about my awesome top 100 Callaway Golf fitter Dan Weitzel. The irons are perfect for me. Well done my friend!
Bill Goodrich
The Club at Pradera

The clubs are a WOW!

The clubs are a WOW! The 9 towers and lands with little roll about 185 yds. The 5 goes as far as the 3 with nice height. The 7 is like the old 5 distance with better height! Gracias!
Ron Budacz
Boulder CC

I would recommend Dan highly

I was originally referred to Dan by a golf professional at Highlands Ranch Golf Club. I have used Dan several times for clubs. He does an excellent job and I have referred others to Dan for his services. I would recommend Dan highly.
Neal Lerner
Highlands Ranch

I’ve come to rely on you

Dan, Hard to believe it’s been nine years since we began working together. I’ve come to rely on you to build the right clubs for me and you’ve always delivered. I appreciate your love of the game and the care you take to make sure I have the correct specs for my swing. The bonus is I call you my friend.
Peter Deem
Pinehurst Country Club

Dan reinvigorated my love of the game

I was referred to Dan by a golf buddy of mine. He is a single digit handicapper and he told me how getting fitted by Dan improved his game. After spending 3 hours in Dan's shop, I was impressed with his level of knowledge of the golf swing and how that interplays with my specific fitting requirements. This past summer with my new clubs from Dan reinvigorated my love of the game of golf. I'm now smiling on the golf course as opposed to laughing at how bad that last shot was, thanks to Dan! PS, my dad is 75 years old, but still loves to play. I gave him a fitting/new set of clubs for Christmas, knowing it would extend the length of his playing years. Last week, his men’s league told him that they had decided he now has to play off the blue tees! He hits it too far! He's got a permasmile😊. Best money I've ever spent - twice.
Mike Shomaker
MD, Denver

You’re a magician

Took the clubs out yesterday and they were amazing. Much more consistent ball striking immediately. You’re a magician.
James Demorest

my bag set up for the foreseeable future

Hi Dan, I just wanted to take a minute to shoot you a message saying thanks for getting my bag set up for the foreseeable future. Now that I've had time to practice and play a bit more regularly, I'm loving everything. So, kudos to you for getting me into things you know would work well, building them well, and having the patience to work through my questions and hectic schedule. I really appreciate it, and I'll be back...eventually.
Brian Horne

somehow transformed my irons

Thank you very much for helping get my irons right. I should have trusted my instincts and brought them to you much sooner. I appreciate your expertise and your straightforward way of helping me with my clubs. Suffice it to say that you somehow transformed my irons into the precise tools I expected them to be.
Marc Voytko
Highlands Ranch

Dan is hands down the best!

I’ve worked with many club fitters, and Dan is hands down the best! He’s thorough, his pricing is excellent and he’s trustworthy. Thank you to Weitzel golf for improving my game.
Norton Rainey
Club Champion, Colorado Golf Club

The difference is not subtle

Dan, the clubs are simply fantastic! I have been struggling with a hand injury that impacts my game. The last two days I played for the first time this year without hand issues. I played well and fully appreciate how much better my new clubs are. The difference is not subtle, it is significant. Thanks so much for your great work.
Chris Wright
Cherry Hills