Club Repair

Weitzel Golf LLC: 720-470-4321

Broke a shaft during play? Need new grips for the upcoming season? Weitzel golf is your resource for timely, professional and affordable club repair. Unlike big box retailers – Dan Weitzel has the experience and dedication to repair your golf equipment to the needed specification.
Dan uses top of the line  equipment to measure the characteristics of your set and ensure your repair is done properly and within the specification of your set.

Weitzel golf has full service repair capabilities. A complete price list is supplied and if you have any questions or specific needs Weitzel Golf is here to discuss the best approach to your repair or fitting needs.

Golf club repair services include but are not limited to the following.

  • Golf Shaft Instalation – Graphite & Steel
  • Bore Through Shaft Install
  • Shaft Removal
  • Lengthen Shafts
  • Shorten Shafts
  • Grip Installations
  • Saving Grips
  • Lie and Loft Adjustments
  • Ferrule Replacment
  • Re-Epoxy Club Heads
  • Removing Rattles (within capabilities)