Are you a brand name snob?

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Are you a brand name snob?

Do you think that non-brand name clubs are inferior to brand name clubs? You may be right in some cases, but you are completely wrong in others! I sell many commonly available brand name lines, but read on to better understand the potential benefits of “custom clubs”.

If you are comparing “clones” or “knock offs” to brand names, then you might actually find these heads and complete clubs are poorer in design and quality.  “Clones” are detailed copies of brand name clubs which are illegal and the companies that produce (and in some cases, those that buy) them are prosecuted whenever possible. “Knock offs” are heads similar in design to well known clubs, but are not necessarily illegal. The companies that market these heads do little or no research and design on their own, have limited quality control, and typically will use foundries that are not suppliers to the major golf companies (usually for good reasons). If you buy these types of clubs you can expect to get what you pay for. I just recently analyzed two sets of counterfeit clubs and found the swingweights and shaft flexes were all over the board! I can provide you more details if you like – it was pretty astonishing to see how poorly these clubs were made.

However, there is an entirely different segment of the market that is “non-brand name” but offers quality and performance equal to (and usually better than) their brand name counterparts. The best example of this segment is Wishon Golf.  Wishon focuses on providing a high quality head that can be customized to fit the golfer perfectly. The heads supplied by Wishon are made in the same foundries as those sold by the brand name companies (no, the brand name people do not make their own components!). Combine a high quality head fit with the proper shaft and grip, and you will have a club that is vastly superior to a brand name, mass marketed version. Wouldn’t you really prefer a club made “one at a time” to your exact specifications to something you buy off the rack? It’s like buying a suit – some folks are the perfect size and require no alterations, but most of us need some “custom tailoring” to get the perfect fit. Another thing to remember is that about a third of what I do is to “refit” brand name clubs – this is an excellent way to make them your own.

I had a very good high school player in my shop recently who is thrilled with the shaft changes I have made in several of his clubs (along with a Wishon hybrid). I suggested he should tell his teammates about me and he commented “I have, but since you don’t sell XXX, they are not interested”. This young man is now #1 on his team, so I would expect that his play will do the talking. Maybe I will be seeing more of his teammates in the future!

Contact me if you would like to find out more about “better than brand name” options.

Dan Weitzel

Weitzel Golf LLC

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